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“What in the fresh hell is all this stoic book shit that my ex-wife Sharon left on the coffee table? Let me take a look…”

by Alex Baia

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All winners from the 2021 Challenge…

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was a 30-day comedy writing challenge extravaganza, open to all. After reading and re-reading the 482 entries, our panel of judges has reached a consensus.

Here they are: the winners. Thanks to all who completed the Challenge. We had a blast reading!

Alex Baia, Sarah…

…plus some underrated Editors’ Favorites!

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The 2020 Slackjaw Top 10

We had a lot of great laughs this year, from awkward sex shenanigans to… more awkward sex shenanigans. Here’s our Top 10 most-read stories of 2020.

  1. by Emery Schindler


All winners from the 2020 Challenge!

Illustration by Emily Clouse

was a 30-day extravaganza of focused comedy writing, open to all, with $2,450 in cash prizes. After reading and reading and reading (and re-reading) the 476 (!!) entries, our panel of judges has reached a consensus.

Here they are: the winners of the 2020 Slackjaw…

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Humor Newsletters

Our most-read pieces of the year, plus some of our personal, under-the-radar favorites

Slackjaw readers! You have voted with your mice! With no ado whatsoever, here are our top ten most-read humor pieces of 2019…

  1. by Katie Burgess
  2. by Emily Clouse

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Behold the only opinion that matters: The editors’ picks for our favorite 10 posts of the year.

Seasons greetings, Slackjawers! Earlier, we shared the posts submitted to our humble little publication this past year. They’re fantastic and hilarious, and if you haven’t read them already, you should check em out!

Now, if high school has taught us anything, it’s that life is more than just…

You, the Medium comedy fans, have spoken. Presenting our 10 most viewed and read pieces of the year.

by Alex Baia

You wish that skinny jeans were comfortable. Or that non-skinny jeans were fashionable.

But fashion is fickle. What else is fickle? I don’t know… Bears?

Bears like honey. Honey. Bees. Things that fly. Airplanes. Pterodactyls. Dinosaurs went extinct. That meteor did it: Chicxulub.

Sit with the idea that a rock…


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