All winners from the 2021 Challenge…

Image by Emily Clouse

The Winners

  1. (First Place) We Are ZIPIT™ Convertible Pants, And This Is Our Application To Become The Official Convertible Pants Of The Chicago Cubs by Tracy Silagi
  2. (Second Place) Frequently Asked Questions About 4% Jazz, The World’s Only Radio Station That Plays 4% Jazz by…

Illustration by Emily Clouse

All winners from the 2020 Challenge!

Illustration by Emily Clouse

The Winners

  1. I’m A Man’s Man, And I Await The Return Of My Man by Amanda Lehr (1st Place…

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  • Hyoom (Slackjaw Editor Alex Baia’s Humor Newsletter) - Alex will send you occasional written amusement, plus a few of his favorite Slackjaw pieces, once a month. You get the Ultimate Humor Writing Cheatsheet when you join!
  • A Newsletter of Humorous WritingFrom the hosts of New York’s celebrated show, An Evening of Humorous Readings. Luke and James round up some of the best humor writing on the web. Don’t miss this weekly delight!
  • Satire and Humor Festival - The Satire and Humor Festival is a twice-a-year festival and a year-round humor writing community. Stay in the loop!

Online Courses

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Behold the only opinion that matters: The editors’ picks for our favorite 10 posts of the year.

You, the Medium comedy fans, have spoken. Presenting our 10 most viewed and read pieces of the year.

1. A Realistic Guided Meditation by Alex Baia

A Slackjaw Exclusive Book Preview, from Author Sarah Cooper



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